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image of Pat KelleyI began painting in oil in 7th grade. My class ended shortly after a few months. I did not do anything with regards to art until my retirement in 2017. I was always the one who said up until that time “I don’t do anything art, please don’t ask me to do arts and crafts or anything close to that!” My serious interest in painting began in 2017 after having attending a few “Paint & Sips” I decided to begin to pursue painting acrylics on my own. I found The Art Sherpa whose YouTube videos began to teach me something about painting. Outside of YouTube videos and tutorials, I am self-taught. I have taken a few classes to learn more techniques in my reality landscape paintings.


My love of painting revolves around my love for God and His creativity in this world of ours and His. I desire to emulate and share my love of God’s creation, and it is evident in my acrylics painting. I love to take my husband’s, my family and friends, along with my own photos and put them to canvas. Before deciding what to paint next, I look for a photo to paint. I wait until it calls to me in my sleep for a few nights. Then I know it is the next photo that I must paint.


My desire is that in painting the creativity of God’s hand others would grow to love and appreciate that creation that has been displayed for us all.


Mt Rainier from Reflection Lake

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